Community Survey Testimonials

"Being somewhat new to the Business Manager position, I needed a company that could walk me through the process and give me the information I had to have to prepare a successful referendum. School Perceptions is detailed, thorough, and they communicated well that we were able to obtain the required community feedback."
- Peter Kempen, Seymour Community School District

"I am happy to serve as a reference. School Perceptions was very helpful with the community survey that paved the way to a successful capital campaign, and the open enrollment information was helpful as well."
- Dan Tjernagel – Superintendent, Sturgeon Bay School District

"School Perceptions community perceptions survey saved our district time and resources that would have gone towards supporting a bond referendum that very well may have failed."
- Tim Godfrey

"School Perceptions worked to understand our needs and provided direction based on experience regarding the "what" and "how" we should be communicating our needs and goals with our community."
- Caitlin Windler, West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

"School Perceptions is our go to survey provider any time we desire information from our community. I highly recommend them as they truly provide a quality product. They are extremely accurate and reliable."
- John Sample, Merrill Area School District

"Unfortunately COVID hit in the beginning stages of the survey development which led to several delays in distributing it to the community, but School Perceptions worked closely with the district to develop and at the appropriate time release the survey to our community."
- Scott Hogan, Mankato Area Public Schools


"From start to finish School Perceptions provided all the information we needed and a personal touch that communicated, " we are in this together." I am very pleased we chose School Perceptions to guide us through our referendum process. Thank you School Perceptions."
- Gary Syftestad, Weston School District

"The challenge with surveying students and staff is bringing action to the results through the analysis process. Having used a number of tools, both professional and homemade for these purposes, School Perceptions is hands down the best product I have ever used. From the customization, to the methods used to remind respondents, to the robust analysis tools, to the excellent customer service response, the School Perceptions product allows our team to spend more time analyzing data and planning for action."
- Doug Wheeler, Superintendent College Community Schools, Cedar Rapids, IA

"This was my first year taking over the implementation of our surveys and School Perceptions was tremendously helpful. They provided me with historical data and helped me understand what had been done in the past implementations. It was very helpful and they were incredibly responsive when we realized we had problems with our recipient email list. We are happy with the service and products we received from School Perceptions."
- Raechelle A. Belli, Public Information Officer Verona Area School District

"School Perceptions Surveys are an easy to use, effective, reliable tool to gather feedback from a variety of stakeholders. The research foundations and the expertise used to create surveys brings a great deal of credibility to the products they provide and the results that are obtained. The customer service provided by the School Perceptions staff is beyond compare - always professional, continuously improving, and extremely responsive to individual school district needs."
- Patricia Vickman, Southern Door County School District

"I appreciated the ability to see comprehensive results quickly!" - Margaret Brady, Watertown Unified School District

"School perceptions is responsive and supports all schools to get the information necessary to continously improve. The process was seamless and hassle-free."
- Jason Dropik, Indian Community School, Franklin WI

"I would use them again! My School Board was very impressed with their knowledge and presentation."
- Kent Kindschy, Turtle Lake School District

"School Perception crafted the questions for the survey we needed in order to get the quality data to make informed decisions."
- Tracey Conners, School District of Oakfield

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