The School Perceptions Survey Process:
A Better Way!

The School Perceptions web-based survey platform has been built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of school districts. Over the years, our system has been used for nation-wide projects and proven to be extremely reliable and secure.

Start With a Better Survey

  • Easy Survey Creation: School Perceptions will work with your team utilizing our bank of research-based Master Questions® and create custom questions to fit your unique situation.
  • Multiple Languages:  Respondents can easily toggle the survey to take it in their own language!

Administration Made Easy
  • Survey access control:  You never want to find yourself in a situation where there is even a perception that a person or a group took the survey multiple times.  To assure that each survey can only be taken once School Perceptions has developed a proprietary survey access control system that can be deployed via:
    • Email
    • Personalized letter
    • Paper/pencil survey
    • Survey kiosk

  • Communication Assistance: We will help your team create materials needed to promote and launch your survey.

Results You Can Use
  • Data Security: All of your data is backed up daily on our secure servers.
  • Data Maintained:  Your data is associated with your school/district and will be available even if the person who sets up the survey leaves your school.
  • Similar School Comparisons: By using our Master Questions®, we can provide a question-level comparison report to other schools of similar size and social-economic settings; however individual school names are never shared.
  • Results Access: Password-protected results can be made available to anyone at your school/district with a click of a button.
  • Analysis Tools: We realize that many educators are not statisticians – and have no desire to be. We provide analysis tools to tabulate and mine the data for you. Critical results are displayed graphically to quickly and easily build consensus.
  • Full Data Export: If you are a statistician, you can easily export the full results of your survey into a CSV formatted file for further analysis.
  • Text Analysis: By using the School Perceptions Text Analysis Tools, you can quickly mine through thousands of comments based on key words.
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