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School Perceptions Survey Starter®: Writing a good survey can be time consuming and difficult. Forgetting to ask a key question or asking dumb questions can undermine the whole process. By starting with the School Perceptions Survey Starter®, our intelligent system will suggest sets of tested and reliable staff, student and parent Master Questions® based on your needs.
Master Questions®: Sometimes there is no need to recreate the wheel. In the same way, starting with questions that have been previously used by other schools can save you time.
Completely Customizable: Every survey can be easily customized to fit your unique situation. Simply edit, delete or add questions and survey sections.
Start with Surveys Written by the Experts: School Perceptions works with educational leaders and researchers from around the country to create surveys.
Need Help? School Perceptions has worked with over 10,000 schools and are here to help you: “help is always just a phone call away” 262.644.4300.
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Launch Options with Data Control: Surveys can be launch via email, computer kiosk or with our proprietary survey code system that assures each survey can only be taken once.
Paper Survey Options: Paper versions of the survey are available as a PDF for those people who do not have access to a computer.
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Data Maintenance: Your data is associated with your school and district and backed up daily. If the person who sets up the survey leaves your school for any reason, the data can still be accessed by others at the school for years to come.
Compare your results with other schools: If 80% of your students feel safe at school, is that good or do you have a problem? By using our Master Questions®, we can provide a question-level comparison report to other schools of similar size and social-economic settings, however individual school names are never shared.
Drilling down into the data: Results can be easily reverse segment responses for any question. It is one thing to know that 80% of your students feel safe at school, however, it is much more valuable to know “who said they are not” in terms of their demographic profile (gender, grade level etc)
Text Analysis: We have found that some of the best survey insights can be gleaned by reading comments, but that can take hours. By using the School Perceptions Text Analysis Tools, you can quickly mine through thousands of comments based on key words and phrases.
Analysis Tools: We realize that many educators are not statisticians – and have no desire to be. For this group, we provide analysis tools to tabulate and mine the data for you. Critical results are displayed graphically to quickly and easily build consensus.
Results Access: You can provide access for anyone at your school/district with a click of a button. Survey results access can also be limited so comment data is not available.
View your survey history and data- district-wide: See all of the surveys your district and school have done over time. Your data will be ready and waiting for you in one place when you need it.