School Perceptions: Staff Surveys

An engaged staff is critical to a school's success. Unfortunately, many times school districts struggle to identify the factors that are accurately impacting staff engagement. As a result, District's focus their time, effort and funding on the wrong initiatives. The School Perceptions Staff Engagement SurveyTM, will help you gather and quantify your District's employee engagement strengths and weaknesses.

The School Perceptions Staff Engagement SurveyTM will provide the information needed to implement action plans to not only increase student learning but also improve staff morale, engagement and retention.

  • Understand what you are doing well
  • Pinpoint critical staff engagement, retention and satisfaction issues
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Use survey feedback to develop strategies to increase student achievement, retention and enrollment

Why the School Perceptions Staff Engagement SurveyTM? Many times staff surveys designed and administrated by the District can be perceived as biased. Consequently, the results are deemed unusable, thus breaking trust and undermining the process. By using the School Perceptions Process, and one of our research-based surveys, your results will be viewed as credible.
  • Customizable to address your school's unique challenges
  • Benchmarked to similar schools
  • Longitudinal reporting allows district's to compare data

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