School Perceptions: Community Engagement

Since 2002, School Perceptions has conducted more than 200 community engagement projects, helping school districts and city governments navigate the strategic planning, budgeting and referendum/millage/levy planning process. School Perceptions is uniquely positioned to meet your needs by providing:

  • A proven community engagement process: We believe the process of asking questions works in two ways. Our community engagement process provides valuable insights into the community's values and priorities while at the same time educating the community on critical issues.
  • A proprietary survey platform: School Perceptions' web-based platform has been built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of community surveying. Our system has been proven to be extremely reliable and includes a survey access control system to ensure that a survey is taken once, but only once. A paper version of the survey is also available for people without internet access.
  • A plan after the survey: Gathering good data is only half of the challenge. Using the data to develop a plan after the survey is critical to the project's success. Based on our experience, we will work with your team to establish a realistic plan of action.
  • A dedication to service and support: Our staff is dedicated and ready to help your team through each step of the community engagement process.

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